Don't Wait, Vote!
November 2020
Birmingham, Alabama

In the wake of George Floyd's murder, we sought to better inform the public about local elections--the elections that can actually fix policing in America. Our website pulls information on criminal justice races for any address in the country. The results show who is running, they're endorsements, and biographical information.

Watson Fellowship
August 2020
New York, New York

In the modern world, we channel our almost every aspect of our lives through digital technology. Through a steady accumulation of seemingly neutral choices, I believe that we are changing our relationship to reality faster than we can understand the consequences.

The Political Arguments of Podcasting
May 2019
Los Angeles, California

This thesis theorizes podcasts as a return, specifically along three different dimensions: a return to narrative form, a return to the spoken word, and a retreat from politics mediated by technology. Political theory has longs postulated about speech. Aristotle said that “Spoken sounds are tokens of affections in the soul.” Hannah Arendt believed that “speech is what makes man a political being.” Taken in this tradition, how podcasting orients, captures, and distributes speech become pressing political concerns of the current day

Discussion Collective
March 2019
Los Angeles, California

Equal parts skeptical and vulnerable, a podcast that questions life at The Claremont Colleges by having the conversations we typically avoid.